What To Ask Your IT Support Company

What To Ask Your IT Support Company

Being a Local IT Support Company, Systems Integration have onboarded tens of businesses across Swindon and Wiltshire. And over the past 10 years alone, the competition in the industry has grown tenfold.

If you are a business looking for a reliable IT Support partner, you want to ensure you are getting the best. It goes without saying that we would automatically recommend ourselves. But we believe it is only fair that you know what you are getting, not just from ourselves but from any IT support partner you choose.


Here are the top questions we believe you should ask any IT Company before you sign the dotted line….

What levels of support do you offer?
Every business has different requirements for IT Systems. We ensure that our It Support packages and IT hardware packages are flexible and affordable. NO Tie Ins.
This allows you to pick and choose the level of support. Whether it’s per user, per server or per PC. We can agree a choice that suits not just your requirements but also your budget.
Is your support live 24/7 x 365?
It is well known that IT issues don’t just occur during the normal 9-5 working week. . Our routine service is available during the hours of 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday. But we also offer a remote out of hours support service.
How will my account be managed routinely?
All of our contracted clients have a dedicated Account Manager. Your manager is there to provide you with personal support. They will have full knowledge of your systems and your requirements. They will ensure there are regular catch ups and ensure you have a constant point of connection giving you full access to the skills and services that we provide.
Do you provide a remote service?
Providing a remote monitoring structure is a key part of our Service. We monitor your systems afar, to ensure that your hardware is fully optimised and operating at its peak capacity. In effect, our remote monitoring services provide proactive management, highlighting and reducing potential incidents, prior to them having a detrimental effect. In addition, our real time monitoring defends against potential cyber-attacks.
Do you have simple to follow escalation process if an IT issue does arise?
We have a clearly defined escalation process. If any ticket is raised, it will always be followed through to conclusion. If required, your assigned account manager will keep you updated throughout the project.
What makes your IT Support stand out above the rest.
Systems integration has over 20+ years in the industry. We are known throughout the region of being one of the few IT support services providers that has flexible contracts. All our engineers are specialists in their fields, whether it is cyber security, Microsoft packages, disaster recovery or account management. They are trained in all the latest systems and procedures. Thus, ensuring that our customers and their systems are always equipped with the latest technologies.
I want to grow my business – Can your business cope?


We manage It services for various industries, from small SMEs to larger corporations. When we partner with you, we strategically align our approach, ensuring it that looks far beyond the immediately visible requirements. If you are looking to scale up, so can our systems and support.

If you are looking to update your systems or improve your IT Efficiency, feel free to get in touch. We are one of the few IT Companies that are happy to give free and impartial advice

Is your Business Ready for 2023?

Is your Business Ready for 2023?

In the past year, every business has seen its IT infrastructure take a massive turn and many now appreciate the fact that looking after your business IT demands is not a task for the feint of heart.

This time last year, no one would have thought that working from home would be the norm, even something that is almost being forced upon us. Many businesses have coped, after all it was something that we all believed would only be here for a short period. Unfortunately, though that has not been the case. Especially now that Swindon has just been placed into Tier 4 for the foreseeable.

Our previous updates have been about how to work from home safely, but now, you may want to be looking at how you can ensure that whilst working at home, your team as being as efficient as possible. This is where Systems Integration, can fully support your IT requirements

Why Do Businesses in Swindon Need IT Support?

The top 3 reasons we have found previously, for businesses in Swindon and Wiltshire outsourcing their IT were:

  1. Their IT systems are too slow and they would like to bring in updated, faster and more secure technology.
  2. They’re concerned about GDPR, ransomware, and cybercriminals.
  3. They value business continuity and would like their IT support to be proactive and not reactive.

When businesses outsource their IT support, they find that they are able to free up more internal IT resources (so they can focus on cash generation tasks). It also removes one aspect of worry. When working with ourselves, you can even go a step further and outsource the management of your entire network infrastructure, this includes IT support for those that are WFH. Have you got a system in place to assist remote workers? This is often overlooked, but not if you have Systems Integration on your side. We are your remote helpdesk.

One other reason you may consider outsourcing your IT support is due to compliance. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced an increase in businesses looking to ‘audit’ their suppliers as part of their own internal cybersecurity program. What does this mean for you? Well, you could be faced with problems if your IT Structure does not comply with any new business who you’re looking to work with (and even existing businesses who have updated their cybersecurity policy). Many businesses now will only work with you are adhering to all the latest IT and security requirements.

By working with an MSP (managed service provider) you can agree to include a certain level of cybersecurity within your contract, such as antivirus, firewalls and network vulnerability scans.  This is now even more prevalent with half your team working from home using their own WiFi – Are they safe and how do you ensure your clients that their information being seen on these domestic broadbands is secure?

How Can Systems Integration Help?

As a Manged Service Provider, we adhere to the SLA (Service level agreement) you agreed to in your IT contract. Now, this can involve many different features, which are all built around your own business’s needs.
Most IT support will focus on a proactive approach vs a reactive approach to your IT systems. This is important for you because it ultimately means less downtime and no unwanted surprises – which could critically halt your operations.

By being proactive, we will monitor your systems remotely, patch updates for you when no one is in the office ,and catch internal problems immediately – before they have the opportunity to disrupt your business.

You may have gotten away with a more ‘relaxed’ reactive approach to IT in the past. This is ultimately a bad idea in modern times. With GDPR and data breaches, your company could be hit with a punitive fine of up to £17m, or 4% of your global turnover (whichever is greater).

Lastly, you’ll typically have a different level of support staff you can lean upon for help.

Typically, you’ll have 1st line technicians who will support you remotely, and 2nd line technicians who’ll visit you onsite when necessary. This gives you the benefits of an IT team, without the costs.

Each IT Support contract with Systems Integration will come with a certain level of SLA, which will be built around your own unique business needs. This can include services such as:

  • Hosted & Cloud Infrastructure (outsource your IT systems so you operate on the latest, fastest and most secure technology)
  • Application management
  • Business process management
  • Patch updates
  • Network security
  • IT Support for common problems or on boarding new staff
  • Cybersecurity & Risk management
  • Consultancy for larger projects


If our business teams up with Systems Integration, can we get rid of our inhouse IT team?

We would say no. At Systems Integration, we always try to take the position of complimenting your current structure, rather than replacing them. This allows your own internal IT team to focus their attention on revenue generation tasks, such as app dev projects or cloud initiatives. We are there in the background ensuring they have the systems in place to do this vital work.

We are looking to get IT support. Why should we choose Systems Integration?

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your IT Support Swindon and Wiltshire. Then naturally, we’re going to recommend you contact us and here’s why:

  • 20+ years in the business with over 50 local clients.
  • Over 30+ 5 star reviews on Google from Businesses we have assisted
  • We approach your business with growth in mind. This means as your business grows and faces new challenges; we are already prepared to help you.
  • We provide you with enterprise level expertise (without the cost) so you can feel assured you’re receiving the right technology, advice and level of service you require.
  • We tailor the IT support packages you need to suit your business – in other words, we offer bespoke packages to assist you, now matter how big or small your firm is.
  • We’re in a position to visit you onsite fast should you receive any trouble or require immediate assistance.

Think we can help? Then please feel free to contact the Systems Integration team and let us, help you tackle 2023…

Staying IT Secure

Staying IT Secure

Unfortunately due to lockdown, there are many people out there that have no money, but plenty of time on their hands. The result: hackers designing, malware that is nothing of the likes that has been seen before.

Local Swindon businesses and businesses around the world are becoming more aware and practised in the field of cyber security. But still, everyday high-profile data breaches are occurring.

So, what can you do as business to ensure that your business does not fall victim to the ever growing threat?

Some firms believe that if you pay the money, your system will be protected, but that is not often the case. Obviously a good IT infrastructure does help. And we all know that there are no companies out there that want to lose data (The results of a breach can in some cases, destroy a business, especially if you are one that gathers personal information). But, money and the system alone can not always protect.

90% of the data breaches in 2019

As sad as it is, IT systems are not the weakest link in your IT security amory, your employees are i.e. human error.
We all know that employees will never willingly cause harm to your business, but it is a fact that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) was able to attribute human error being the root cause for 90% of the data breaches in 2019.

Police National Computer

Just recently this issue was highlighted when around 150,000 records were wiped off the Police National Computer, including fingerprint, DNA and arrest history details. The issue was said to have been caused by defective code, introduced to the system through a simple mistake from one of its users!

Fortunately, events like this can be surprisingly easy to resolve. But this is only if the correct security and IT measures have been put in place.

Correct back up systems in place

Robust IT data backups can store archives of data to be reinstated if the need arises. This way, if anything gets deleted or compromised, it can be restored to the last proper version quickly and effectively.

So how do you ensure that your SME has the correct back up systems in place?

Keep it remote

The aim of backing up data is to ensure it remains accessible whatever happens to the original, so the further away it can be stored the better. Wherever possible ensure it is not even in the same building or system. This way if your initial IT system is compromised, you have that second layer of security.

Frequency is key

Backups should be taken on a regular basis, so nothing risks being lost. Options are available ranging from continuous backups to once a day. Consider your business and its individual needs, then make the decision accordingly.

Making your backups secure
Backups are like an insurance policy – you never want to use it, but you will be very glad it’s there if you do need to use it. Ensure backups should be subject to the same level of security as the original data. Ensure they are encrypted and stored securely, so that hackers can’t get at your data through the back door.

We are experts at security and backup systems

At System Integration, we don’t just look after the normal IT support services, but we are experts on assisting local Swindon and Wiltshire SMEs with their security and backup requirements. If you think your system could do with a double check to ensure that cyber security is something you never have to worry about, get in touch. We can advise your employees on best practises and can help you ensure that your data is always secure..

Are you prepared for another lockdown?

Are you prepared for another lockdown?

With the current Covid crises, Lockdown in place & the threat of different tiers of restriction being enforced once this is over, you may want to look at your setup with regards to home working for your staff.

A lot of businesses may have already know what to do and may have already done this, but there are still a few out there that may not be as prepared.

A couple of months ago we did let you know how we could help you ensure your team are all set to WFH and are prepared to start remote working. But for those that didn’t catch that, and are now evaluating how they can be prepared in case there is a local lockdown in the Swindon and Wiltshire area, here is a checklist that you can use to make sure you are ready…


The efficiency of personal workspaces at home. Are your employees making the most of your home workspaces by utilising laptop docks and larger screens? Do your employees have the correct chairs and desks? The last thing you want is one of your employees to come back to work with a strained neck or back due to them not sitting in the correct position.


Are headsets and webcams needed for web calls? Does your team have this equipment? After all, you do not want them making calls to clients whilst the TV can be heard in the background and they struggle to communicate.

Is data accessible

Can your home workers access business files and data securely? And if so, do you have a secure VPN?

Security & Privacy Policy
Have you updated your business’ computer security policy for home worker computers (BYOD)? And if you have an up to date policy, are you sure that your empoyees know what is in it?

Enough IT Equipment

Do you have enough business computers and monitors available for your team to work from home? If you do not, do not worry as this is where Systems Integration can help with our IT support contracts. We can help and provide you with the latest equipment for short periods at a fraction of the price of purchasing new.

Home support

Can your tech support actually help your team remotely. Problems do not stop for your team just because they are working from home. You need to ensure that you have IT systems in place that allow full access.


Can your home users still access the work phone lines remotely? Do your home workers have good internet service at home to support their needs?

If you want to ensure that your team is ready for home working or are wanting to improve your current home working structure, please feel free to get in touch and let us see how we can ensure that your team’s transition from the office is as smooth as possible.

The Cloud and WFH

The Cloud and WFH

With the current and most recent announcement that home working should once again be the norm, at least for the next 6 months, we are now finding that many local Swindon Businesses were not really at grips with the technology that was required to make it happen.

Overnight companies had to get to grips with how they could continue operating in these unique circumstances. Some, like manufacturing and hospitality, were left high and dry, while others discovered that only a radical shift in working practices would enable them to continue to operate through lockdown. I mean lets be honest, how many people knew what a VPN was, and as for Zoom, it was just something we would hear our children saying when playing with cars.

​All of sudden a number of our clients realised that the investment they had made in cloud-based solutions were paying dividends.  Suddenly they had found that they could enable their staff to work from home while retaining full access to all necessary files and applications. There are many good reasons for embracing the Cloud – Covid 19 is demonstrating this as an extreme example.

In simple terms we are referring to online services; to hosted server services which can be accessed from anywhere, to file management systems that allow you to control and distribute workload and information, and to software that originates on the web although it can be installed locally. In the Cloud computing model, none of these need physically reside in your premises, which if non one is actually on site is proving to be a godsend.
Naturally, there is still client hardware, network equipment, laptops and printers and these still need to be managed. But with the cloud, these tasks are made easier. Updates are done remotely and we can all create PDFs and send them without requiring a printer, and even fault diagnosis can be done without attendance.

During the period of lockdown, we have supported clients who had already invested in Cloud technology, and those who maintained a more ‘traditional’ IT approach.
We are able to handle both situations, but clients who had already adopted Cloud technology definitely found the transition from office home working far simpler with less disruption.

In fact recently we have been highlighting the benefits of cloud to numerous clients that have still not made the leap (but will now find themselves having to). With cloud, the benefits far outweigh any cons…
· It is cost effective – you only pay only for what you need
· It is strategic – Fully agile, allowing you to respond to changes quickly
· It is resilient – backups and restorations are simple
· Software integration is a breeze
· Full Mobility – could services can be accessed from anywhere with pretty much any type of equipment
· Deployment – no time-consuming hardware rollouts
· It is scalable – it’s easy to match your resources to your business needs, so when your business needs increase, the cloud can cope.

As you know, Systems Integration are Microsoft partners and we have can advise all our clients on the benefits of tools such as MS Azure servers, Egnyte and Datto, all of which provide the perfect platform for such industry-standard productivity tools like MS Office 365. This makes integration, sharing, collaboration and teamwork easy, regardless of the physical location of staff members.
And as we are fully aware of the Security requirements for any Business IT strategy, we can ensure any cloud migration/transition your business undertakes will be done safely.

If you haven’t yet embraced the Cloud, it’s high time you considered it. We have years of experience in bringing together the best of the best in terms of file storage, management and end-user applications to give your business the security and agility it needs to cope with the unseen potholes of modern commerce.
We’re always happy to spend time with you to find ways to improve your IT structures and add greater flexibility and value to your business.
Book a chat with us and find out how the Systems Integration and the Cloud can help YOUR business thrive instead of falter during the next 6 months…

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